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We believe uploading images shouldn't be a chore. So we fixed it.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We never limit bandwidth, download or upload speeds. They are just as fast as your connection is, which is an big advantage for all of us.

It's Easy and Simple

Take a screenshot, upload it to our service and start sharing right ahead. We provide you with direct image links, BBCodes and much more!

100% Privacy Protect

We are serious about the privacy of our users. We do not disclose information to any third party, as we barely store user details.

Multiple Uploads

Do you want to upload more than just one image? No problem! Just drag in or select multiple images, we'll take care of it.

Unmodified Quality

We do not do things by halves. For this reason, no images are compressed, reduced or degraded in quality. We can promise you that. Cool, nah?

Full API Support

Use our API to upload external images or base64 encoded hashes directly to our servers. We provide a detailed API documentation on our site.

Download ScreenX today

It's easy - with our own desktop application you can create screenshots by a single keystroke and upload them just in a few seconds. Perfect for sharing!

Screenshot Capturing Instant Uploading Screenshot History

Awesome Features To Discover

Download ScreenX for quick, easy, and uncomplicated screenshots. You can record any area on your desktop, edit it with different tools and then upload it to Screenshot.to at any time you wish. The link for sharing is automatically copied to your clipboard! Oh, hello future!

Next Generation Image Sharing

We allow you to set up the application as you need it. You can adjust the settings to significantly improve your user experience. In regular updates, we bring more benefits and new features to you. Thus, image sharing remains easy and reliable all the time. Only with ScreenX.

It may happen that the program does not start properly after installation.
In this case, open the Task Manager, close the process and start ScreenX manually.

Have a look on what we offer.

Screenshot.to comes bundled with tons of great functionalities including the features below.
We maintain to develop new exciting stuff to add.

Hotlinking Allowed

Major Image Types Supported

10 MB Maximum File Size

Simple and Easy Interface

Unlimited Storage Space

Unlimited Storage Time

100% Privacy Protect

Detailed API Usage

Incredible Fast

Thanks to our globally distributed servers, we can distribute the loads ideally and thus ensure short latencies.

Instant Sharing

With our embed codes you can share your picture directly on social channels or other websites. Very simple and straightforward.

Generate Thumbnails

As soon as you upload an image, we will create three different sizes for you: Thumbnail, Medium the original.

Get a sexy and short link.

Nobody is in love with long, complicated and ugly domains. But we got a link for each of your image uploads, and you will love how simple and easy it is. Let's say, it's oa.

Automatic Shortening Detailed Statistics It's Amazing

Get to know who is watching ...

With Oa.gy you can keep track of who is accessing your pictures. You can track each access by detailed statistics - including region, referer, and the time of access. The Best: Every upload is using this feature by default.

Short. Simple. For Everybody.

Because Oa.gy consists of only two letters, it can be remembered easily and uncomplicated. That can have many advantages, as you will see once using our service. But the most important is, that is, to be honest, sexy as hell.

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