Version 1[action]/ API allows you to upload pictures from everywhere. API Version 1 calls can be done using a POST method. You can use our API for personal uses or even for your own hosting platform, since external upload is possible.

Parameters for usage

  • key The current API key is e200f0faa0571f66c535745da4afc89b
  • action Currently we support these actions: upload
  • source a base64 encoded image string or the image file via POST request
  • format sets the return format: json redirect or txt

Note: Always use POST when uploading local files. URL encoding may alter the base64 source due to encoded characters or just by URL request length limit due to GET request.

API Response

The API responses will vary depending on the format parameter. When using JSON, the response will have headers status codes to allow you to easily notice if the request was OK or not. Have a look on status_txt and status_code properties.

  • json This displays all the image uploaded information in JSON format.
  • txt This returns the image direct URL in text/plain format.
  • redirect This redirects to the image viewer URL.

Example Response in JSON

Edit or resize your image by clicking the preview.
Edit or resize your image by touching the preview.
You can add more images from your computer.
You can add more images from your device or take a picture.
Uploading 0 image (0% complete)
The queue is being uploaded, it should take just a few seconds to complete.
Upload complete
Uploaded content added to . You can create a new album with the content just uploaded.
Uploaded content added to .
You can create an account or sign in to save this content into your account.
No image have been uploaded
Some errors have occured and the system couldn't process your request.
    or cancelcancel remaining
    Note: Some images couldn't be uploaded. learn more
    Check the error report for more information.