Frequently Asked Questions

We answered the most frequent questions regarding our service.
Hopefully, yours is listed as well.

What is

We are a free, reliable screenshot and image hosting platform, where you can upload and share your images, pictures, GIFs or screenshots with your friends and all over the world.

What file types are supported?

Images of the file types JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG are supported at the moment.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size is set to 10 MB at the moment. Depending on demand, we may increase this if you contact us.

Why should I use your service?

You can count on us. Regarding your privacy, we do not collect any user information. Moreover, we offer great functionalities and work hard to keep our service reliable.

Is hotlinking allowed?

Yes, you can use our service as you wish. We provide you with a direct image URL which you can use for linking or refering to. If you only want to share, we recommend using the viewer link.

How do you handle my personal data?

We take care of your privacy and focus on collecting as little data as required. Your data will not be disclosed or given to third parties, as we clear our server logs almost daily.

How long are my images stored?

Basically, your images will be stored forever and never deleted. Nevertheless, you can set custom time limits in the upload settings - starting at one minute up to six months.

Is there any bandwidth limitation?

Absolutely not.

Check out our Features. comes bundled with tons of great functionalities including the features below.
We maintain to develop new exciting stuff to add.

Incredible Fast

Thanks to our globally distributed servers, we can distribute the loads ideally and thus ensure short latencies.

Instant Sharing

With our embed codes you can share your picture directly on social channels or other websites. Very simple and straightforward.


As soon as you upload an image, we will create three different sizes for you: Thumbnail, Medium the original.

We Protect Your Privacy.

By default, all images are only accessible for users who have the exact link. You decide who should see your picture and who you want to share it with. In addition, we store virtually no user-relevant data and do not outsource it to third-party companies. That's a promise.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Space.

You can use our service without any limitations. We are incredible fast. And we offer infinite space. Thus you can easily share your screenshots and images without having to hit on annoying boundaries. So, what are you waiting for?

Capture And Share anywhere makes it easier to capture, share, and bookmark. Our service is designed to simplify quick and easy sharing. You'll immediately get all the necessary links and opportunities to post your uploaded images on social networks and wherever you like to.

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