Terms of Service


There is no claim to permanent and uninterrupted accessibility of our service. We strive for the highest possible availability, but accept no liability for the unavailability or temporary failure of our service. Although we make every effort to keep all images as long as possible, we do not rule out data loss. It is the task of the user to secure his data locally. Whilst we do run backups ourselves, we encourage users to have their own backups also in case anything really bad happens.

What we do not allow

• copyright infringing material
• material showing or related with child pornography or child abuse
• material violating the privacy or human rights of other persons or organisations
• material in relation with, showing, glorifying or calling for acts of violence, crime, abuse, racial intolerance or murder
• spam or material that influences our server infrastructure negatively
• images intended for use in unsolicited spam emails.

The upload of pornography, nudity or sexual content is allowed as long as it complies with the rules above. Furthermore, when uploading sexual content you have to enable the NSFW checkbox for the upload to indicate not family safe content.

Abuse and DMCA Policy

We will respond to valid DMCA takedown notices of alleged copyright infringement. Our response to valid takedown notices will be to remove the infringing material at the earliest possible opportunity. Failure to comply with our terms will result in deletion of files. Every abuse report is carefully checked for validity by our team. DMCA or abuse complaints can only be submitted via our contact page.


All uploads remain your property, but we do reserve the right to delete images as per these terms. We do not store any personal data when visiting the website, except for cookies, which are needed for the normal use of the site. When uploading files as a guest, we only save the IP address of the uploader. The storage duration of IPs is never longer than a maximum of 3 days. IP data will be deleted immediately thereafter and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Anything else

If we find that an unusually high amount of materials are being uploaded, we reserve the right to temporarily disable the upload for the user.

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